Daily fresh fish on the market

Fresh fish is sold every day at the Vismarkt (Fish Market) under the watchful eye of former mayor Frank van Acker. The Huidenvettersplein was the tanners' area. 

The tanners' area

These were the tradesmen who turned animal hides into leather. Their activities are depicted in the tympana over the door of the hotel, next to the tanner's guild houses.

The Rozenhoedkaai

The Rozenhoedkaai is one of the most photographed locations in Bruges. It is the quay where rozenhoedjes or rosaries were sold. The mansion at the corner of Wollestraat and Eekhoutbrug was occupied in the sixteenth century by the Spanish magistrate Juan Peres de Malvenda.


The name Dijver is said to derive from the Celtic word deiwo, which means "sacred". Some two thousand years ago, there was an Oakwood here with a sacred spring, which was used as a place of sacrifice by the Celts.