A walk around the Walplein

The Walplein demonstrates that a city with a strong medieval flavour such as Bruges can also make space for more modern art.”De Goden bezoeken Brugge" ("The Gods Visit Bruges") is homage to the modern tourist, with a nod to Greek mythology.

The Walplein

This square is also familiar with the tradition of beer brewing. The last brewery of the town is established here with its beer “Brugse Zot” (the lunatic of bruges).

The Wijngaardplein

Round the corner, the Wijngaardplein is usually characterised by an atmosphere of convivial busty. The Wijngaardbrug gives us access to the thirteenth-century Beguine convent. The survival of a wall and a moat have ensured that this place has preserved its distinctive character within the city.

The Minnewater

The bridge affords a beautiful view of the Sashuis, and behind it the Minnewater. This is the place where the River Reie enters the city. Many people are misled by the word minne. Which means "love" in modern Flemish/Dutch. Minne is used here in the old sense of "water spirit'.